martes, 27 de enero de 2015

"Rasa-duende" creación en música y danza en el Jaipur Literature Festival de Jaipur, India

"Rasa-duende", una creación en música y danza inspirada en los Poemas del Cante Jondo de Federico García Lorca realizada en el Hawa Mahal (Palacio de los Vientos) de Jaipur como parte de uno de los más importantes festivales de Literatura del mundo, The Jaipur Literature Festival 2015.
Con la colaboración de Acción Cultural Española ACE mediante la ayuda de movilidad a artistas españoles.

Lugar: Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, India
Fecha: 22 de enero de 2015
Hora: 18:30h
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José Salinas (cante, percusiones y espacios sonoros)
Carlos Blanco (guitarra flamenca, clásica y eléctrica)
Monica de la Fuente (danza, coreografía y recitación)

Heritage Evening: Reading by Shabana Azmi and Flamenco by Rasa-Duende

By Kanupriya Dhingra
The Palace of Winds, Hawa Mahal, turned into an enchanted space on the second evening of ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival. The Heritage Evenings are a new festival initiative this year, and aim to restore and recreate the value of culture and architecture of Rajasthan.
With the Palace so colorfully lit, the spectators took flight into fantasy and delight, as renowned actress Shabana Azmi recited the timeless Urdu and Hindi poetry of Kaifi Azmi, Javed Akhtar and Janisar Akhtar. This breathtaking session, presented by Rajasthan Tourism, also included a thrilling flamenco performance by Rasa-Duende of Spain.
Introduced by Festival Producer Sanjoy Roy, the session began with Shabana Azmi’s narration of the poetry of her own father, husband and father-in-law in front of an anticipating and eager audience. ‘Nepotism is alright, but they’re all good poets!’ exclaimed the actress.
Azmi said that she is often asked if she writes poetry, as an effect of her inheritance and the company she keeps, to which her usual reply is that she ‘provides the inspiration.’ She revealed to the audience how unromantic her poet-husband Javed Akhtar was in their routine life, joking that ‘he doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body!’ The eminent lyricist challenged this claim, on the request of his wife, by reciting two of his celebrated poems in Hindi, and transported the audience into blissful reverie.
Rasa-Duende presented a fabulous display of Flamenco, with a combination of rousing music, dazzling choreographic dance-theatre and Spanish poetry inspired by the poems of Lorca. Jose Salinas’s powerful voice and percussion, beautiful Monica de le Fuente’s charismatic dance and recitation, and Carlos Blanco’s Flamenco Guitar blended into one amazing performance. The audience could also identify echoes of Indian classical dance and music in their performance, which heightened their interest and involvement.
The music, dance, lyricism and the personalities who so eloquently delivered their performances, made for a mesmerizing evening against the splendid backdrop of Hawa Mahal.